Sean Anderson (@seanandersonhoxo) is the CEO & Founder of Hoxo Media – a growing start up Inbound Marketing Agency based in London. An ex school teacher turned successful Recruiter in the city, he baffled everyone he knew in early 2017 by starting a business without a single day’s experience in the marketing industry!

I met Sean shortly after he started the business when there was just 3 co-founders surfing coffee shops. Less than 2 years later, Hoxo now employs 18 people, has clients across the UK & Ireland and has developed a stand out brand in the Recruitment Marketing space!

You ever wanted to see what it takes to run a business at a young age whilst managing a family, marriage, kids? This is my truth. My drive, motivation and passion comes from years of training in holding myself to a higher standard in everything I do. But what good is all the lessons I’ve learnt and practice daily if I can’t share them with the world?

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Who is Omar Choudhry?

I was 17 when I began setting up and running my own creative media agency for 4 years – this experience taught me the foundations of business, growth and most importantly, design.

I decided to pursue design as a full-time focus at 21 and have since had the pleasure of working with some of the most inspiring people and brands that I would never have dreamt of meeting. I’ve also been nominated for 2 Entrepreneur of the Year awards and designed apps that have reached #1 on the App Store.

My laptop and one piece of software have taken me around the world, from Miami to L.A. all the way to Singapore and I’m driven by the notion of endless possibilities — I reflect this in my design work and the way I live my day to day life.

Now happily married at 26 and father to a previous little daughter, I share my passions and adventures with my family whilst still working with some of the most thrilling start-ups around the world. I also conduct workshops with young people as well as speaking for multi-national companies like BT to help inspire and motivate the next generation.

Day to day I operate a full-service media agency in London called Flavr and my latest project, Feedsauce has been in the works for over a year. Feedsauce is a bespoke photography platform providing high quality, custom Instagram photos for your product. We’ve built a super simple and smart website that allows you to get your hand-made, edited and ready to download images within 7 days. I’m currently focussed on developing our product offering and building the future of custom content.

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