Hannan Malik (@hannanmalik / Instagram) is a 25 year old Entertainment Manager & Entrepreneur, working with the likes of Naughty Boy, Zayn Malik, Miguel, Emeli Sande and many more top flight international artists. As a young executive, Hannan has been in rooms with and learnt from some of the greats of our generation, Simon Cowell being one of them. In this episode of #TheOZone, we dig into Hannan’s early start in business, after finishing school at A-Levels to pursue his dreams, his perspective on University and how he’s handled some struggles and major decisions throughout. Omar and Hannan have been friends for a few years and also started a tech agency business together in 2014, called Dirty Group. Although the business didn’t stand the test of time, the duo did manage to have their work placed in front of rap mogul Jay-Z and more importantly, their friendship has stood the test of time. Hannan’s management company is Nowherenear (wearenwn / Instagram) and you can show him love there!