Shaz AKA Sheikh Beauty (@sheikhbeauty) has marked her territory on social media as one of the most down to earth, relatable and non-traditional beauty bloggers. With over 400,000 followers, Shaz has gone from working as an employee for brands such as Bobbi Brown, Nars and Dior to now being their Global Brand Ambassador.

Shaz has a unique way of communicating with her audience – a very personal, in some cases intimate insight into her life as a wife, mother and businesswoman. She’s a real-life triple threat and does it all whilst carrying a bubbly, colourful personality and staying true to her values.

This is a deep, raw and uncut conversation with Shaz, who is also my wife. I get a chance to be incredibly open here as well and we touch on topics such as marriage, building a home, getting started in the beauty industry and remaining true to your values despite your circumstances or environment.

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